Application DSTC/DATC International Faculty


DSTC/DATC Instructors are welcome to apply for the International DSTC/DATC Faculty.

Please read the below guidelines and submit all necessary documents as this will be pertinent for the approval process.



Application Requirements


The following requirements must be met for an application to the International DSTC/DATC Faculty:


  1. Current IATSIC Membership

  2. ATLS (or equivalent) Instructorship

  3. Instruction at 5 DSTC/DATC Courses

  4. Recommendation by the National DSTC Head*

  5. Completed Application Form


*In case you do not belong to any National DSTC Chapter, you may seek support from the National Chapter at which you teach DSTC.


Please complete the Application Form and forward together with the necessary proofs to



Proceed to the DSTC/DATC Intl. Faculty Application Form