Donald D. Trunkey Lecture

The distinguished Donald D. Trunkey Lecture was introduced in 2009 at the Congress in Adelaide, Australia in recognition of Professor Donald D. Trunkey from Portland, USA. Since then these lectures have been held within the framework of the biennial World Congress of Surgery (WCS)/International Surgical Week (ISW).


The Donald D. Trunkey Lectures were given as follows:


2017 - WCS Basel, Switzerland
Addressing injuries and violence: a call to action
Introducer:  M. Joshipura, India
Lecturer: E. Krug, Switzerland


2015 - WCS Bangkok, Thailand
Military-civilian surgical symbiosis: agent of change in trauma care
Introducer: C.N. Mock, USA
Lecturer: B.A. Pruitt Jr., USA


2013 - ISW Helsinki, Finland
Trauma care for the Millennial Generation
Introducer: D.D. Trunkey, USA
Lecturer: D.S. Mulder, Canada


2011 - ISW Yokohama, Japan
Laparoscopy in emergency surgery: the emerging standard
Introducer: C.W. Schwab, USA
Lecturer: A. Fingerhut, France


2009 - ISW Adelaide, Australia

A scientific approach to management of mass-casualty incidents requires involvement of the trauma surgeon
Introduction: I.D. Civil, New Zealand; D.D. Trunkey, USA
Lecturer: S.E.V. Lennquist, Sweden